Harlowe initialises CSS animations twice on load


While making my game, which has a large focus on CSS animations, both custom and from presets, I noticed that they start twice on load- a passage gets loaded with animations starting to play right away, but after a second they reset and then proceed to work as usual.
I found a couple of posts in Twine forums regarding this:
TheMadExile wrote: The reset appears to be caused by a Harlowe keyframe animation. Harlowe runs an animation named appear on tw-transition-container. When that animation completes, it causes your running animation to reset. […] Your best bet may be to take this up with Harlowe’s author, Leon, by [creating a new issue on Harlow’s issue tracker.

Is there a known fix for this? Having a 3sec delay, to hide this, for every passage would make the UX quite clunky.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

As far as I’m aware the behaviour described in those linked posts (both HTML rendering and CSS animation wise) has not changed, which could infer that from the developer’s point of view things are working correctly. I don’t recall a ‘fix’ for that behaviour, nor do I have much to add to that which has already been suggested.
eg. it is what it is, and the story format isn’t designed with more ‘advanced’ User Interface enhancements in mind.

Alright, that answers my question.
Thank you very much!