Goodbye board.

After my second topic has now been locked, it’s clear that this board can’t handle off-topic discussion of my calibre. I feel that it’s not possible for me to speak freely at this board, so I’m leaving before I get banned from a pretty vital online resource. I’ve taken the mod conduct up with the two board owners, but meanwhile they sort this out, I’ll probably grow attached to some other board, so if I ever post in the future, it will be about Inform only.


Don’t take any wooden nickels!

Bye, Pudlo. See you again soon under a different name.


Ooooh, nice quote.

Peddle your papers elsewhere. Good riddance.

Bye, Andreas.

I’m going to use this next paragraph to say: I am personally grateful to India, its people, and its culture. I’ve been enriched and inspired by the Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism, and Bodhidharma. All of these influences affect my life every day, and keep me on the right path. I’m glad the thread was locked, and it’s a freaking eyesore and I hope its deleted.

Life looks like a comic book, sometimes. No matter how many times you beat Dr Doom, he’ll change cape and come back.

Fine: If you’re going to call me an asshole, I might as well get trolled for a bit:

I’m actually really impressed with Pudlo at this point, because even after he left, he still managed to screw you guys up to the point where he made this board uninhabitable. He turned you into paranoid intolerant douchebags. It’s possible that you were that already, and that he just gave you an excuse to act out (because off-topic sections of boards in general, tend to be where the social democrats (sociopaths) hang out) but Pudlo managed to become some kind of scapegoat patron saint of this board. You act in the name of St. Pudlo, and you expect his return. Pudlo is probably off eating breakfast cereals and dating women right now, while you’re in this pit sacrificing people while chanting his name. I could almost be jealous of the guy. I could make another account with a few proxies, and I could start trolling you in just the way that Pudlo used to, and you’d all join in and dance around me. I could rule this board if I wanted to, for years upon years, while feeding upon your souls, because without Pudlo, the world doesn’t make sense to you. There has to be a Pudlo satan figure, to make the bad things bad and the good things good, and without Him, the world could collapse into enlightenment and understanding - a higher state of consciousness that you’re not capable of handling.

Too long; didn’t read.

Andreas, I hate to say stuff like this, but if you keep acting like this is the moderators’ fault, you’re going to have it rough on just about any board.

Ah, so you’re saying that the mods saw this happening in the future, and resorted to bullshit modding in order to prevent it? That makes perfect sense, you know. :wink:

Fine - short version: Pudlo roolz joo.

why do all attention whores have such big egos?

Because they know that distinguished people such as yourself, will read their posts. It’s the way of infection. Once they’ve entered your brain, they’ll grow fat on eating your brain tissue, until one day, your skull will give birth to a beautiful butterfly with a hungry vagina.

Weren’t you leaving?

Not before I reveal my Pudlo successors, of course: It’s a tie between you and Whyld.
Would Pudlo still be active at this board, he’d be posting like you and Whyld, blaming others for being Pudlo and being generally unhelpful. I expect you to fight to the death over the title, of course. :wink:
MTW comes at third place, but I think he’s just a common asshole.
Now I’ve passed on the crown, so now I can leave.

[waits for him to post again in a few hours]

I don’t really think that locking topics about how genocide of Indians would be justified is “bullshit modding”.

Not that it matters much, but just to revive your short memory: very, very soon after you arrived, you got people wondering whether you were Pudlo, because you were posting just like him.

You were fun at times. It’s a pity you couldn’t be like that all the time. The rest of the time, though, you just stirred up trouble.