Good examples of IF combat?

Hey, I’m planning on making a story with a lot of fighting in it, and I was wondering if anybody here could bring up some examples of IF combat that they felt were well done in some way? I think I want to go for puzzly combat, if that helps. Other ideas on working with combat are welcome, too.


It was going to come up eventually, might as well be the first on the list.

EDIT - Heroine’s Mantle has a number of scripted, puzzly “boss encounters”. I didn’t feel that they all worked for me, but it’s very impressive.

EDIT 2 - 'Mid the Sagebrush and the Catcus. Very specialised.

EDIT 3 - Just editing to say I won’t be adding any more edits.

EDIT 4 - (rereads the edit above) Whoops.

For puzzly combat, Gun Mute. Backup has a decent system that’s more, well, systematic but still puzzly rather than the full-blown Kerkerkruip ATTACK combat which is about optimizing rolls and stuff.

You might also want to look at Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies and The Duel That Spanned the Ages. Flight of the Hummingbird had some combat but the puzzles I remember were more about the jump/flight physics.

This tag has some puzzle combat games.

Thanks for the recs so far! I’ll definitely take a look at them. I’ve been meaning to play Gun Mute for a while now anyway.

Slap that Fish.