Go! Not working on latest Windows


I just downloaded inform 7 from the github link last night on to my windows machine, and when I push go, example code will compile but the story window shows nothing, it just gives a blank white image. Has anyone else faced this? Is there a fix?


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“Latest Windows” so Windows 11?

It is kind of typical that Inform 7 needs to be updated after any major OS release, so you might need to wait for a patch.

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I have seen this when Windows Security erroneously decided that one of the interpreters that drives the Story tab had a virus (it didn’t) and quarantined it. Check in the installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\Inform), there should be a folder “Interpreters”, containing “frotz.exe”, “glulxe.exe” and “git.exe”. If any of these is missing that would explain what you describe. In that case you might need to go into Windows Security (or whatever anti-virus you are using) and tell it to not quarantine the interpreter executable.


Inform 7 runs on Windows 11 :slight_smile:


I thought 11 just came out? My bad. I had gotten an official warning on my work computer running Windows 10 that “my system doesn’t qualify for the latest version of Windows 11” so I thought it was new.

(scrabbles like Gollum back to the safety of the Mac environment)


The official release date (at least according to Wikipedia) was 5th October 2021, so it’s new, but not that new.


I usually only use Windows for work, so hadn’t been paying attention to its release schedule.

In fact, I rarely pay attention to the OSX release schedule as well - there’s a new named version sitting in System Updates I’ve been ignoring because I’m trying to adopt “don’t fix what’s not broken…”


This worked, thank you so much for your help!