Story Tab is not Loading Anything (Windows)


I recently downloaded Inform 7 for Windows and began to work on a little project. However, today my Story tab essentially went dead. It shows nothing but white, and the Stop button is greyed out. All the other tabs seem to be working fine.

So far I’ve tried closing the window and creating a basic new project to run. Neither of these did anything. Does anyone have any ideas for how I might be able to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance,
– Dustin aka SirIgnotus

Apologies if this is a basic question, but have you tried recompiling your game (pressing the play button on the left)? The behavior you’re describing is what happens when the IDE doesn’t have a compiled game to run – it’s maybe worth noting that that doesn’t carry over with your saved story, so if you’ve closed and then reopened the IDE, you do need to compile again.

It might be this issue:


Ah. Yep, that’s it, one of the interpreters was removed. Thanks!