Glk, Glulx, Blorb specs have been transferred to IFTF

This is a minor formality; it doesn’t have any practical effect. But I’ve gone through the steps to transfer the Glk, Glulx, and Blorb specification documents to IFTF ownership. If you look at my pages:

…you’ll see that the documents now say “Copyright 2020 by the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation”.

They’re all still Creative Commons licensed, as they were before.

While I was in there, I updated the base formatting to be Markdown-based and improved the stylesheet of the HTML/PDF versions.

As I said, this is a formality. I still consider myself the maintainer of the specs. I’m now doing it by way of the IFTF Archive committee, so it’s easier to talk about what happens if I get hit by a runaway teacart or whatever.

The base documents now have a github repository:

The canonical web pages for these documents are still the pages on, as shown above. We’ve talked about setting up an official “IF specification resource” on, but that hasn’t happened yet.