Getting better color

I’m working with the latest version of I7, in Z-machine, and using Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short, and I’m trying to get a fullscreen background color change (like in Blue Chair and Photopia), and I’m using the basic commands:

turn the background black;
say white letters;
clear the screen;

But instead of giving me a full color background, it just backs the letters (like so)

I’ve tried it in release mode, and it looks even worse there. So how do I get it to change the entire background to black?

Which version of Parchment is it using?

For the record: the latest Parchment is linked from here, and it should work well with colours: New Parchment for Inform 7 template: now with Quixe and stylehints

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I tried using that version, but I must’ve added the files incorrectly because now it’s not applying any formatting at all, including paragraph breaks and bolded room titles.

What I did was just paste the new files into the Parchment folder.