Get naked automatically for the shower?

So I want to automate stripping garments, dropping inventory, before showering (and not automate getting dressed again), but I can’t quite get how to get the parser to do this. So far I’ve got:

Before bathing: if garments are worn by the player: try removing the noun from the player.

Where garment is the catch-all for all kinds of clothing. The obvious problem is that I refer to a general kind of object first and then ask to try removing a specific object instead, but “try removing all garments worn by the player” is too general. How can I remove all garments? Should I make a table from that and then remove the table objects?

Thanks in advance!

You need to loop through every garment worn by the player and remove them individually (manual chapter 11.11):

Before bathing: if garments are worn by the player: repeat with cloth running through garments worn by the player: try taking off the cloth.

I’d modify this a little further:

This way if there is any piece of clothing that won’t come off (the player has superglued his shirt onto his body, say), we will stop the attempt to undress after that clothing removal fails. Otherwise, the game will try to take everything off, but allow the bathing to go forward even if the player is wearing something.

Also, bonus fact: in cases where you’re not worried that the removal action will fail (or you want the clothes to come off even if the player normally can’t remove them), you could do a rule in a single sentence of the form:

Before bathing: now every garment worn by the player is in the location.

The original suggestion is probably better for this particular case, because there’s no reason that bathing should give the player super-human clothing-removal abilities, but it’s useful syntax to know about.

Thanks for the help providing the codes and the documentation (my search-fu is weak, even with google). I used a combination of both methods to drop my inventory and remove my clothes. The assistance creating a faster in-game nude-state is always appreciated.