General IF Writing Process

So as someone starting out with IF I was wondering how other people go about organizing their writing and design.
At this point I’m going about things kinda like this:

General Outline (Goals/Maps/Major Plot)
Coding of Map and Objects Prep for Puzzles and Mechanics
More Detailed Writing for Plot and Discriptions
Implement Descriptions and Scenes
Polish and Testing

I’m currently somewhere in the second step.

Here’s a post I wrote a while back about general process, and here’s a pretty detailed description of how the puzzles and geography evolved in my game Bronze.

Postmortems on specific games can also be a good place to look. Some places to start finding those are on ifwiki through a keyword search or from the Craft page.

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I had read the making of bronze when I was doing my initial run of reading through the documentation. Looking forward to reading through the rest. The reading list expands! :smiley:

If you are on PC and using Inform 7, check out Trizbort for a map utility that will generate map code you can paste into your game.

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