[gargoyle] Using custom fonts

Some years ago I managed to load customs fonts with gargoyle.

This thread is in French but there are some screenshots:

ifiction.free.fr/taverne/viewtop … 798&p=7848

I just call my font like this, in garglk.ini:

propr         AtariSTfonts.ttf

I tried again today, but I can’t make it work anymore.

I’ve tried with the full path as well (for example “propr /home/eric/.fonts/AtariSTfonts.ttf”), I tried also on windows (with and without full path), with different gargoyle version (2010, 2011) but it still doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

I’m not certain about how it works on Windows, but Unix gargoyle expects the name of the font, not the font file; modern Gargoyles also use “propfont” and “monofont”, so you can do something like:

propfont Atari ST Fonts
propsize 12
monofont Atari ST Fonts
monosize 12

This works for me on Linux.

Well done Cas!

It works with your syntax. Thank you very much.

I’m sure it used to work with the code I had (on Linux), maybe it was done before the 2010 release of gargoyle.

I wished it could work with a relative path (like on Renpy), so we could distribute fonts with the garglk.ini along with the game and it would work for everyone.