Game to load and play in website?

Some of Emily Short’s games are available to play online. How could I do that?

If you want to put z-code games online, my recommendation would be the Java-based ZMPP (Z-Machine Preservation Project). For TADS 2 games, grab Jetty.

Thank you!

What about if your using BASIC. Is it possible?

Maaaybe… I’m not sure. In any case, it wouldn’t be easy.

You might want to consider using one of the specialised IF languages. Games written in Inform 6, Inform 7 or TADS 2 can be played in a web browser fairly easily. They also come with libraries, which give you a high-quality parser, basic classes for rooms, objects, and characters, and implementations of the most common verbs.

(I know it sounds like Inform 7 supersedes Inform 6, but they are actually very different languages - you could use either. Likewise, TADS 2 and TADS 3 are different languages, and you could use either, although I would say T3 is definitely superior. The only reason I recommended T2 here was because T3 games can’t be played in a browser at the moment.)

To be honest with you, there’s some prejudice in the community against “homebrew” IF - IF written in a general-purpose programming language without a standard library. You’re unlikely to be able to create a parser (and so on) anywhere near as good as that of Inform or TADS (or any of the other specialised systems) without spending a lot of time on it. And when you’re finished, only people using the same operating system as you are will be able to play your game, whereas Inform, TADS, and most of the other specialised systems produce games that can be played on at least Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

if your game is in Z5 or Z8 format and it has been submitted to the IF archive, it will automatically be picked up by the smallwhitehouse IF archive mirror and become available to play online in your browser without you have to do anything.

you just need to know the directory your game has been stored in, eg:
RENDITION is in art/if-artshow/year2007/rendition.z5 so the online link is: