game suggestions

Hi again

any suggestions to “short, silly” games I can play, to see what people do, what games can do and generally be inspired? I see several recommendations that newbies should write short, silly games just for fun, totally agree (my plan) and seeing others would be fun.


found 9:05 by Adam Cadre at IFDB.
Hilarious :laughing:


There’s also Bob Reeves collection of “Painless Little Stupid Games” as well as most any Speed IF entry.

How short? There’s Aisle. Also Glass, A Day for Fresh Sushi (example #112 in the documentation), In the House of Professor Evil: The Ham House (a first game, IIRC)…

Thanks for the suggestions. I got things to look into now :slight_smile:


These IFDB lists might be relevant as well:

DavidW’s Best of SpeedIF list
Danielle’s list of short silly IF

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried some of the ones mentioned and will try the others too.

I like the concept of very short games. In the old days, if you got stuck, you had to wait for the next number of your favourite computer mag and hope the solution might be hinted. Playing the Pawn for instance was a very long, sometimes frustrating, journey. And the puzzle that halted me completely turned out to be a language-problem. (I saw the solution, but didn’t express it correctly)
(So sad I no longer have the short nice letter from Magnetic Scrolls telling me what to do…)

What also strucks me with these short games are how difficult it must be to write a good short game.
Hmmm, maybe I should drop the plans in recreating every single detail in Lord Of The Rings in an IF-game :unamused: :smiling_imp: )