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For my current WIP I would like to include the words of the acappella from a music track, my question is do I need to be concerned about copyright issues? It may be a NPC saying or singing the words or I may end up quoting them word for word, would it make any difference? I guess in addition, if it’s ok would I then need to give any credits for the original musical work/composer etc?

I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t really want to offer any advice, but I did some quick googling and came across this. … 99584.html

I’m sure there are more and better references you could use if you search some more.

Thanks for your googling, I wasn’t being lazy not trying to look it up myself, I just thought it may be something that had been looked into before.

I think this could mean it’s ok to quote the lyrics as I’m not intending to profit off of the work.

I’m not one for copying someone elses work, I may end up writing my own version but the words are so evocative and haunting even without the music that I really do think they would set the mood just right and be so appropriate.