Friends of I7 @ GitHub

I am pleased to announce the formation of the Friends of Inform 7 @ GitHub!

This I7 Github organisation is an informal group of I7 programmers and their projects. My hope is that GitHub will make it easier to cooperate and work on I7 extensions together.

Our main focus is the extensions repository. At the moment only my extensions are found in it, but I hope many other extension authors will join me. If you would like to keep track of the changes in your extensions, would like an easy bug tracker, or would like someone else to help you fix bugs or even just take a look over your code, then this is for you. Just ask, and we’ll give you access.

I7 @ GitHub is also the new home of the ATTACK and Kerkerkruip projects.

Lastly Isxek has moved his extensions archive to the organisation. If you need an old version of an extension, we might be able to help.

We will welcome any other Inform 7 related projects, so if you have any ideas, just ask!


I’m slightly confused about signing up. It appears that there is price to join. Am I correct or not?

GitHub is free for people working on open-source projects. You get a paid membership if you want to set up a project with private contents.

There’s nothing on the i7 organization page which says how to join… I assume the organizers just add people. Feel free to add me (erkyrath).

You might want to add a readme section explaining what the group is and who to contact about joining. I mean, if there’s a way to set that up. (I’ve never tried it.)

Yeah, and how does this work, forking and sending pull requests or pushing to a shared repo? Anyway, feel free to add me (peterorme) too.

As far as I can work out you are a member of the organisation when you’re given access to one of the repositories. So I’ll give you both access to the extensions repository. If you’d like access to another repository, or would like to add a new one, just ask!

There isn’t any place to put anything like an about box or a blurb, but I can put an email address and website on it, so I’ll look into setting up a very simple website at as well.

Can you post your e-mail address?


I already replied to your other topic, but for the record it is

thanks, I didn’t see it but now I have.

i have some i7 related weirdness on github, like the git project template that could use some love…but… :confused:

Cool! This inspired me to get a GitHub account.

At which point I discovered that they have not read this:

I would expect GitHub to know better.

Anyway, my extensions are currently in svn and hosted at - but I’ve been thinking about switching to Git, so I’d love to join.

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You can actually use svn to access github: … subversion

As to password strength… there’s been some debate as to what is actually safer. I think you have to pick rare words for that strategy to really be successful. But then I’ve been using the same password on most websites for years… :neutral_face:

I’m no expert, but my impression is that a longer password, even if it contains relatively common words, is exponentially harder to crack.

I never want to use svn again. It was better than cvs, but it got old fast.

There’s a lot of discussion about “good” and not-so-good passwords and passphrases on the net. This is the best discussion I’ve found about how to do it reasonably well. There may well be better ones.

The only other point I want to make here is that lots of sites follow a recommendation issued a few years ago by the US National Bureau of Standards (or whatever they’re calling it these days.) That recommendation assumes that ordinary mortals are capable of remembering a separate 14-digit string of gibberish for each site. Lotsa luck.

I’m happy to announce that EmacsUser has moved his amazing i7grip debugging project to the Friends of I7:

Dannii, can you give me access to add my own extensions to i7/extensions?


Sure thing!

I know the password thing is from last year, but I only saw it right now and this immediately sprang to mind.

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That was what inspired the discussion in the first place. :wink:

I considered making my password “Now the user account is unlocked” or similar, but it apparently requires a number.

Thanks for adding me, Dannii, but now git is doing something weird - maybe because I tried to push before I had permission? “git status” says there’s nothing to commit, but when I try “git push origin master” it says everything is up-to-date. And yet the directory I added is not showing up. What can I do?

I think I figured it out - you have to override the .gitignore directive.