Free IF Playoffs: Round 2, Divisions 1 and 2 (Fan Registration/Final Scores)

You are invited to come play and vote in the first half of the second round of the Free IF Playoffs! With the first round complete, the pace of the tournament will be increasing.

Register here to show your support by clicking “Going” below, and, for those new to the tournament, please look over the rules before casting any votes. A FAQ is available.

(NOTE: I edited the ending time (which had been off by an hour), and now the event display’s registration section seems messed up. Thanks to Joey, EJoyce, mathbrush, Denk, Hellzon, FlACRabbit, Hellzon, Tabitha/alyshkalia, AERoberts and others for registering!)

Final scores at the end of the match:


Voting has been fast and furious in the opening hours of Round 2. A very dynamic match has begun between Of Their Shadows Deep and And Then You Come to a House Not Unlike the Previous One, where the two works scored first goals almost simultaneously and have been taking turns as front-runner since. The score is currently 5-4 in favor of the latter.

Another hot match to develop is The Gostak vs. Coloratura, where the ocean-themed thriller is now leading 6-3.

Blue Lacuna scored first and has been trading goals with Counterfeit Monkey, with the latter currently up by two at 5-3.

By contrast, Lost Pig vs. Superluminal Vagrant Twin is at this point a surprising 7-0 blowout for the sci-fi exploration-themed entry.


A sudden burst of scoring by Lost Pig may signal a change of fortune for the popular orc-voiced entry, but Superluminal Vagrant Twin has lengthened its lead and is light-years ahead at 9-3.

The battle of Midnight. Swordfight vs. The Wizard Sniffer has been and remains finely balanced, with the contestants currently tied at 4-4.

Of Their Shadows Deep has again tied up with And Then You Come to a House Unlike the Previous One, where the score stands at 5-5.

Eat Me currently has a slight edge over Turandot at 4-3.

Counterfeit Monkey has warmed up and scored several goals uninterrupted against Blue Lacuna. It now leads by five at 9-4 in the segment’s hottest match.


This segment is full of very close matches, with a difference between scores of 2 or less in 6 out of 8 contests.

Lost Pig has scored twice more to Superluminal Vagrant Twin’s once, closing the gap somewhat but still leaving it behind by five at 10-5.

And Then You Come to a House Not Unlike the Previous One pulled briefly ahead, but a successful drive by Of Their Shadows Deep quickly evened the score once more to 6-6.

The same dynamic has played out for Midnight. Swordfight. vs. The Wizard Sniffer where the former held a one-point edge for several hours before the latter tied things up again at 5-5.

Despite an early lead by The Impossible Bottle of 3-0, Junior Arithmancer has had a surge in friendly votes and is now trailing by just one point at 5-4.

In the relatively slow-moving match of Worldsmith vs. According to Cain, the TADS underdog is putting up a significant fight and is currently one down at 4-3.


With the first quarter mark now past, the hottest game has shifted to Lost Pig vs. Superluminal Vagrant Twin in the near court, where the former continues to gain on the latter. The score now stands at 10-7.

The Impossible Bottle for now has the number of Junior Arithmancer, maintaining a razor-thin margin of 5-4.

The Wizard Sniffer has scored to tie things up with Midnight. Swordfight., with each now showing 5 points on the board.

And Then You Come to a House… has once again pulled slightly ahead in its match against Of Their Shadows Deep and is now at 7-6 in a high-scoring contest that continues to be one of the most dynamic of the tournament so far.

The Gostak vs. Coloratura has settled in at 7-5 for the bulk of the last 24 hours; comparison to their scores in Round 1 suggests that many fans are finding it difficult to choose one over the other.

Worldsmith vs. According to Cain has seen no new scoring in the last 12 hours, with the challenger remaining just one point behind the tournament’s #4 seed at 4-3.

The pace of the contest between Turandot and Eat Me has slowed, leaving the former lagging by two but with plenty of time to catch up.

In the far court, Counterfeit Monkey has lightened up on Blue Lacuna, with no new scoring in the match since reaching 10-5 in the top seed’s favor.


The pace of the action has slowed in the second quarter.

The Wizard Sniffer has pulled ahead of Midnight. Swordfight., placing it in the lead for the third time, but its single point advantage leaves it far from safely ahead.

Coloratura has lengthened its lead over The Gostak to 8-5; the intensive language puzzler will need to change the dynamic if its going to pull out a win.

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Here at the halftime mark, all teams seem to be on defense, with no scoring changes since the last update. In fully half of matches, the leader has only a single point margin, so votes in the second half will have plenty of impact. If you’ve been watching the matches and thinking of joining the fun, now’s a good time to jump in!


New scoring near the half: Superluminal Vagrant Twin has lengthened its lead over Lost Pig to four at 11-7.

Junior Arithmancer tied up the score against The Impossible Bottle, but the Dialog entry made another point and returns to a slim lead at 6-5.

The Wizard Sniffer has gained two points unopposed, leaving it significantly ahead of Midnight. Swordfight. at 8-5.

And Then You Come to a House… has also scored again, leaving Of Their Shadows Deep behind by two at 8-6.

Turandot has narrowed the lead of Eat Me to just one point and threatens to pull even, with the current score at 6-5.

EDIT: Also, a reminder – predictions for Divisions 3 and 4, and for the Final Four are due by noon UTC this Saturday July 13. Out of fairness to other players, late entries cannot be accepted.

Those who have already submitted predictions for these are allowed to make revisions, if desired. The prediction game is open to everyone, even those who missed submitting predictions for Divisions 1 and 2.


As we reach the third quarter mark, most contests have had new activity, but the overall picture remains the same.

Lost Pig and Superluminal Vagrant Twin have each scored, leaving Lost Pig behind by four at 12-8 in one of the hottest matches of the tournament.

Of Their Shadows Deep has picked up another vote and is now hot on the heels of And Then You Come to a House… at 8-7.

The Gostak is coming up fast with two new goals while keeping Coloratura from scoring – it is now down just one with some momentum going into the last quarter.

Eat Me has notched up another goal, giving it a slightly more comfortable lead of two over challenger Turandot.

Blue Lacuna has landed its first new point in days, recovering some lost ground but leaving it lagging by five against Counterfeit Monkey.

Another reminder: remaining predictions for Divisions 3 and 4 plus the Final Four are due in less than two days. All new or updated predictions must be received by noon UTC Saturday July 13, so don’t delay in sending them in!


… And as proof that it’s not over until it’s over, According to Cain has gained two points in quick succession, placing it one point ahead of 4th-seeded defender Worldsmith.


With just one day remaining, several matchups in the segment remain very close, with 6 out of 8 scoreboards showing differences between contestants of two points or less.

Worldsmith has tagged back and is now tied with According to Cain at 5-5.

Midnight. Swordfight. has also scored, edging closer to The Wizard Sniffer but still behind by two with time running out at 8-6.


With just half a day remaining, a number of matches remain nailbitingly close in what metrics say is officially the most evenly-matched set of contests that the tournament has seen so far.

Worldsmith and Junior Arithmancer According to Cain remain tied at 5-5. [EDIT: Sorry for the error and thanks to alyshkalia for pointing it out!]

A surprise late goal by Junior Arithmancer gave it a short-lived tie with The Impossible Bottle before the other turned the tables and regained a lead of one at 7-6.

Midnight. Swordfight. and The Wizard Sniffer have also exchanged goals, leaving the distance between them unchanged at 9-7.

And Then You Come to a House Not Unlike the Previous One has put another point on the board, giving it a lead of two over Of Their Shadows Deep.

As a final reminder: This is the last call for fan predictions for Divisions 3 and 4 and the Final Four. All new or revised predictions must be received before the second half of Round 2 begins circa noon UTC Saturday July 13 – which is less than 12 hours away. For instructions on how to format your predictions as either graphics or text, see this post.