Free compass roses! Get your compass roses here!

While working on feelies for ECTOCOMP, I wanted to include a compass rose, in case anyone isn’t used to the abbreviations for the compass directions. I’m not a great artist, but I took some public domain clip art and messed around with it in GIMP to make this.

If anyone else wants to use them, I hereby release them into the public domain, and license them under CC0. I imagine I’m not the only person who has need of a compass rose for things. (If you want the XCFs to do a better job of it, you’re also welcome to those.)


I’d like mine 3D-printed. With Ancient Etruskan letters. And silver bells. Do you do silver bells?


I can do Etruscan, but I’m afraid I draw the line at silver bells.


I aim to please.

(Though I had to stretch a bit for some of these words. We don’t know a word for “north” or “south” in Etruscan so I went with “north-wind-place” and “not-north-wind-place”.)