First Public Beta Release of adv3Lite

The first public beta release of adv3Lite is now available from

adv3Lite is an alternative library for use with TADS 3. While it does add a couple of features to the adv3 library that comes standard with TADS 3, its overall aim is to be considerably simpler, not least by having a considerably reduced class hierarchy. The intention is that it should be easier to learn and use than the full adv3 library while still offering sufficient features to be useful for writing interactive fiction (though clearly some of the more advanced and arcane features of the full adv3 library have been omitted; if your game needs these, you’ll be better off sticking to adv3).

For more details see the adv3Lite blog.

Note that this is an early beta version (I’m calling it version 0.1 to emphasize the fact), so there are bound to be bugs and missing features; at this stage I really need people to test it out rather than people who are anxious to write their next masterpiece. By all means use adv3Lite to start a new game it (after all, that may be the best way to test it), but don’t count on being able to release an adv3Lite game in the immediate future.

Bug reports can be sent to the email address given in the documentation included with the release. Comments and suggestions might be most usefully posted to the adv3Lite blog, while this might be a good place to post support questions (of the how do I do X kind).

Congratulations! I look forward to seeing many new Tads games using this some day.