Fiction-adjacent puzzle game: Dolan's Cadillac

You may remember @DConrad and his drawings of the 2020 IFcomp entries.

If you don’t, that’s fine too. He did the art for Dolan’s Cadillac, now up on


(It was inspired by the Steven King story of the same name and published as part of the PiCoSteveMo game jam.)


Pretty fun – I haven’t read the novella so the narrative pieces were somewhat lost on me, but I enjoyed the gameplay and art! Here’s a direct link to the game for anyone interested in trying it:

EDIT: d’oh, the little image in the OP was the direct link. Oh well, leaving this up in case anyone else is similarly-challenged in actually finding the game.


This was a fun project to work on! Thanks in advance to anyone who gives it a try!