Feedback on my educational RPG game.

So this is my Spanish learning RPG adventure game. You click on certain English words, they turn into Spanish and you get an XP point which you can later use to improve your character. I’ve made a basic fighting system with a dice roll, attack, defense, weapon, armor (the dwarf in the introduction of the game explains how it all works…very simple).

Currently it’s based on a random forest events…there is less than 10 of those random events that can occur. I plan to add longer quests/events to the pot.

This game is still at blueprint stages but I still want to get some criticisms, ideas, get a better sense of how to continue the development of it. So I’m very open to constructive criticism.

There is not a lot of Spanish learning in the game at this point, I’m aware. The idea is to add a lot more words that you can turn into Spanish. I know I could’ve made the fighting system or what have you language-based but I want the language-learning to be an embellishing factor not the main focus because I feel like if the fighting system was words-based it would become a sort of drudgery (let alone complex to program an interesting system).

File is attached, it’s html (didn’t let me attach pure html so I had to rar it)
LanguageQuest - Spanish.rar (84 KB)