Fabularium/Fictionarium use-cases

Hi all,

Recently, I started a discussion around Fictionarium Android app, intended to succeed Fabularium. Within that discussion it bacame apparent to me that I am actually not that familiar with all the ways people have been using Fabularium until now.

Playing games is understood to be the primary use-case (in all supported formats), as well as managing the list of games, their metadata, etc. I was not sure how many people used the create functionality and I already understand that it is used and have noted the feature request for Inform7 to be supported.

I would not cut any feature, of course, but it does help to know what and how features should be tested, lest I unintentionally break something without knowing it.

I am now better aware, for example, of the transcript command and its troubles on some terps.

So, I would kindly ask for some feedback about your use-cases, especially if they are off the beaten path :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you in advance!


I really would love an Android app similar to Fabularium but capable of saving betatest transcriptions. This app runs almost all parser IF.
An additional feature I miss is a built in notepad.
A more friendly named folders for additional (saves, picture, transcripts, etc.) data folder of any game.
The possibility of appending transcripts.



Oh my gawd yes, a built-in notepad!!


I recently mentioned CellarDoor. The list of directions at the bottom (I’d add i and l, too) and the feature by which you could click on a word of text and a menu of actions you could take on that word popped up were really, really nice. (The menu wasn’t trying to figure out anything about the word; it just presented common actions.) I basically stopped playing parser IF on a mobile device after I stopped carrying a Palm 'cause using it through a phone on-screen keyboard has been just too annoying.

By the way, Fictionarium is a great name.


While I did use Fabularium to play games, more often than not I used it while playing beta versions of my work while on the go. At least one of the people who played my published work also used it (before publication) for playtesting. So you would be helping me if you tested builds of the sort used in playtesting. TADS 3, for example, has a library extension that allows the use of PURLOIN and other verbs that generally are not used in published works but are quite useful during the development cycle.

I have been missing Fabularium, and I am ecstatic to read that Fictionarium is on its way!