Explore Zork internals right from your web browser

I wrote a web app that allows you to freely explore all the rooms, objects, ZIL routines, etc., for Zork and other ZIL-based games, right from your web browser:

Zork Playground: Explore

This app is built on zil-to-json, which stands on the shoulders of Zilf, so a huge thanks goes to @vaporware for developing Zilf!

I hope that someone finds this tool useful or entertaining.


Wow! What an incredible resource.

But, as stated on the page, it is pure spoiler.

Thanks, and yeah, at first, I thought about adding options to make it less spoiler-y, like hiding the appropriate objects and rooms, etc. But it’s difficult to do that thoroughly well in an automated way (for any arbitrary ZIL game). And it kind of goes against its main purpose: to serve as a reference to everything in the game, kind of like a strategy guide that shows every secret in the game.

So, people who have already beaten the game can use it to discover easter eggs (humorous ways to die), optional parts of the game, a deeper understanding of game mechanics (probabilities, battle mechanics), and/or use it as a reference to help other people who are stuck on something. A nice side feature is that every “thing” in the game can be linked to by its own unique URL, like https://zork-playground.github.io/explore/games/zork-1/objects/SWORD.


Wow, great work! Thanks for creating and sharing this!



Wow, thanks a lot!

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