Evennia now has LLM integration


Anyone else playing with this? This lets you use Large Language Models like GPT to create text in game.

Have you guys played with LLMs in your games and if so, how?


I have an Evennia site. I need to upgrade to the latest version and give this a try.

Thank you for the tip.


I have found LLMs are useful as authoring tools. Ie to assist authoring not replace it.

I’ve found asking LLMs for plots gets 9 year old’s stories. Instead I make my own plot skeleton and ask LLM for descriptions of certain things or situations. I ask LLM for bits of dialogue too.

Some of the results are usable, but some are blunders. I have to edit and alter the output to fit properly. But as a source of input it can be useful.

Occasionally, LLMs come up with a good idea, but i have to ask myself, “is this original?” Usually, it isn’t and i am worried that it has been copied from some source out there i do not know. So mostly i don’t use these ideas, or at least modify them quite a bit.