Escape From Hell; 5 Hint Requests, all answered

Very cool map to explore! I figured out one blocked passage and I have a good idea for another.

Now however, I’ve come up against a problem that I didn’t foresee. A little birdie (well, actually, a parrot skeleton) told me to ask help here.
How to get the counting clerk past the whipping demon?
I want to go help Capocchio count his mushrooms.

My strategy idea is to:
-take the vampire to the farthest place the golem will go (Limos’ altar),
-possess the golem and leave the vampire,
-take the golem to the whipping demon,
-possess the demon and go back to the vampire
-possess the vampire and enter the nearest (purple) portal
→ orange portal,
-take the vampire to the clerk
-possess the clerk and get to the orange portal before the demon catches me

I don’t have the time/turns to do it exactly like this though. Ideas/nudges/hints?


Hint: You will have to hide-- you can’t get past the demon on his way back, so hide from him. There is a place you can do that.
Spoiler: Hide in the meeting room for a couple of turns. Make sure to leave Bernard in the Demon’s room so he’s as close to the meeting room as possible.

*Edited my hint to be clearer.


Could you break this up even further?

-Hide in the meeting room as who? (the vampire?)
-Hide in the meeting room when?

Am I at least half on track with my original plan? (Place the vampire at Limos’ altar. Use the golem to go to the demon. Switch demon to vampire. Rush vampire toward Bernard.)
My brain keeps insisting that I need to get the demon as far away from Bernard as possible. Hiding in the Meeting Room doesn’t seem to fit in that framework no matter how much I turn it around in my head.

I’m probably trying to hammer a square peg in a round hole here, missing an alternate point of view.

EDIT: Oh! Oh! I think I understand now. Let me go try.

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I’m out! Thanks for the help.


I made a lot of progress but now I’m stymied by the golden light gate. I’ve determined there are 5873 threads of light but I see no way of using this knowledge. I figured that while vampires would be hindered by the bars of light, the succubus or golem wouldn’t be. They can’t get through the gate either.


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You need to get rid of the threads.

Threads!? Does that remind you of someone? Or someones?

The Moirae (aka the fates)! (Clotho, Atropos and Whatshername)

Each fate has a statue and associated altar.

The golem is also mucking about with another altar.

You need to get offerings from the stone circle to the Moirae’s altars.

But the fates are more picky than Limos and only accept one item each.

The color of the item they accept matches their statue’s color. (or trial and error will work I guess)

The order of the offerings matters too.

Cloth then Lachesis then Atropos

You can use the Limos altar to discard an item and get a new one.


I did see the golem carrying an apple and some other food (cheese?) a long while back. I once saw him put one on Limos’ altar too. I’ve since then used him a lot for roaming around the map and getting Bernard past the demon. Now the golem is just standing there in the corner by the statue of Adonis and the circle of pebbles. Not moving anymore.

One might assume he’s snuffed it. Kicked the bucket. Bitten the apple. Bugged out even, perhaps?

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Oh right. There’s a food item around somewhere that you must have dropped to pick something else up. Maybe in the mine to pick up the obol? Yeah, this is not great, I’ll try to think of something for a post-comp version so he doesn’t get stuck like that.

Now that you mention it… I must have gotten the apple when I first possessed the golem, no?

I’ll do a systematic search of the map to find it. I decided on the Brocolli Forest as my stash cache early on, but I must have overlooked that item.

(Btw, did you know that if you roast brocolli at high temperature in the oven you get a really tasty nutty aroma? Way better than the boiled-cabbage smell and taste many people associate with brocolli. I think someone even posted about that on this forum…)

EDIT: I found the blackberry. Black → jet -->Atropos

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I wouldn’t know what you’re talking about :eyes:.



I was so sure I could get to Cetus’ secret fortress by asking Bram to turn down the heat and waiting for the Lethe to freeze over.

No such luck.

This leaves me with two problems:
-How do I get to Cetus’ fortress? (flying across the Lethe as a bat isn’t an option, floating across as a ghost isn’t either)(EDIT: I just thought that maybe there’s a secret tunnel to the fortress in Mannon’s vault? It’s the only place I haven’t entered yet.)
-The only thing I see changed with the boilers out is that the Cocytus turns into a frozen swamp (with Brutus ice-skating). There doesn’t seem to be anything different I can do there though.

Nudgenudge, winkwink?

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Whether you smile because you enjoy roasted broccoli or because you despise broccoli and are happy to see it annihilated is left up to the reader.


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Problem 1:

One of your ideas IS an option.

Specifically: the ghost.

You CAN click on the greyed out buttons as the ghost.

Problem 2:

You are correct, the only thing the boiler does is make the Cocytus freeze solid.

You are correct, there isn’t anything different YOU can do there.

It isn’t Brutus either.

Remember Dante’s Inferno? Also note the position of the Cocytus on the map.

Tell Satan about Brutus then freeze the Cocytus to trap him there.

By the way, thank you for asking for hints. I’d like to add in-game hints in a post-comp version and knowing which bits are tricky is very helpful. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I must have been a bit hasty when it came to checking what I could do with the ghost.

As for trapping Satan. I hadn’t realized this was a two-part solution. I sent him after Benedict Arnold and, seeing that he was completely engrossed in beating up Ben A. , I crossed him off the list of to-be-distracted princes. I didn’ know roughing up a traitor isn’t enough to keep him from responding to the alarm. Good to know.

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Oh bummer, sorry for spoiling that one then.

Don’t worry, I would probably have been stoneheaded about it, insisting that the game was wrong, not me. And then I would have asked and gotten the same hint.

And I only just now found that the ghost can pass through anything! I thought that was a one-off for the bramble situation. Great!

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Stuck on the last Prince of Darkness.

Once I went all Dorian Gray on Lucifer, he burned to ashes. Now Mannon is the last Devil I have to incapacitate.

It seems obvious to lock him in his own vault. I can’t figure out how though.

I tried spreading the ash in his office to get a thumbprint (which presumably controls the vault door). I tried going in as the Golem to muscle the door shut while Mannon’s checking on his gold. I tried hiding in the vault as the Ghost and as the Vampire Bat.

Now I’m thinking perhaps I should do something completely different in another location with the pile of ashes that would trigger something (?) helpful. I can’t imagine what though.

Last (I think) nudge anyone?

For Mammon:
Hint 1: He’ll follow someone into the vault. Who could bring things into the vault? Valuable things?

Hint 2: Have you met the miner?

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I should have been clearer.

I have put the miner back to work. I have noticed that Mannon follows him into the vault for 2 (?) turns. I want to close the vault door behind Mannon’s greedy arse in that short interval. I can’t find a way to interact with the door though. I do think I tried with all my personas.

Aw crap, that should have worked. :confused: Can you send me a transcript so I can try to fix whatever bug is causing it to fail?