Escape From Hell; 5 Hint Requests, all answered

Let me try again and look closely. Could it be because I was carrying something?

Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.

Sorry to have spooked you. I think I was planning so hard to close the door as the Golem that I thought I had actually tried it.

I hadn’t.

Mannon’s trapped now!

Again, sorry for the false alarm.

EDIT: Finished! Good game.

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I’m worried I’ve reached an unreachable state in the game; I’m at the very end, but I’ve frozen over Hell without trapping Satan, and now I can’t unfreeze it. I’ve asked as the overseer and as the succubus, but Bram won’t heat it up again.

Edit: NVM, I forgot how I got into that situation in the first place, and once I remembered it all fell into place.


Bram only answers to the vampire. He’s got a bit of a worrisome admiration for those of the fanged and caped persuasion.

Oh, Nevermind on this end too. I was so enthusiastic that I could help that I didn’t read your edit.


I think I’m stuck very close to the end. Where do I find some lengua? I’ve searched every room on the map for interactible items and I suspect I’ve got the wrong person possessed for this.

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Lengua is tongue

There’s some old myth about something giving you a silver tongue

Use the succubus to smooch the blarneystone

Beelzebub won’t eat it raw, maybe there’s some way to cook it

Dip it in the Phlegethon

You’ll also want to poison it so that he’ll forget to respond to the alarm

Dip it in the Lethe

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I was at a loss for this too.
It sounded vaguely Spanish so I googled it.

The Lethe is the River of Forgetfulness in Hades.