Embedded-Vezza - Z-machine recut for retro tape based & small memory footprint

This time I’ve taken a small memory, small storage challenge. As a first version, I’ve targeted the 48k tape-based ZX spectrum to run a cut down version of my Vezza interpreter. I’m calling it ‘embedded’ as it’s loaded in a single block with none of the data paging facilities normally expected of a z-machine.

While this defeats much of the point of the z-machine, it does allow a small number of games to be experienced on a machine that couldn’t previously.

The new “embedded-Vezza” supports z1-z5, z7, z8 formats with game files up to 29k maximum at this point. Time will tell how much more development this will receive. For now, I’ve made some pre-packaged .TAP files available for download, enjoyment and feedback from my e-Vezza page on Gitlab