Embedded-Vezza - Z-machine recut for retro tape based & small memory footprint

This time I’ve taken a small memory, small storage challenge. As a first version, I’ve targeted the 48k tape-based ZX spectrum to run a cut down version of my Vezza interpreter. I’m calling it ‘embedded’ as it’s loaded in a single block with none of the data paging facilities normally expected of a z-machine.

While this defeats much of the point of the z-machine, it does allow a small number of games to be experienced on a machine that couldn’t previously.

The new “embedded-Vezza” supports z1-z5, z7, z8 formats with game files up to 29k maximum at this point. Time will tell how much more development this will receive. For now, I’ve made some pre-packaged .TAP files available for download, enjoyment and feedback from my e-Vezza page on Gitlab


Continuing down this line I have been able to expand out the available memory by making the switch to a 128k ZX Spectrum. The extra banked memory space has allowed me to create spectrum .TAP game files up 96k of actual game.

This means that some Classic Infocom adventures are now available!

As such, I’ve made Zork 1, Zork 2, Zork 3, Infidel, Starcross, and so there’s a z5 game in there, Balances, all available for download and feedback.

NOTE: save/restore/restart are NOT available. Anyone who wishes to enjoy these games on this platform will most likely need to have a snapshot solution.

Same link as above.