ECTOCOMP 2022 Results are in!


It is a time of endings. Apart of IFComp 2022, ECTOCOMP 2022 has come to an end too.

So we have now the official results (recently tabulated by hand by me).

You can check the whole ranking on IFDB page:

Or at the official page:

Please, if you find any inconsistency, let me know. I’ve done the work little by little this morning and I think everything is ok, but… who knows!

Again, it has been an amazing year for Interactive Fiction and for competitions. I hope you all had a terrific time and we see next year!

The winners are:

1st Place for La petite Mort (games done in less than 4 hours): The Enigma of the Old Manor House, by Daniel M. Stelzer

1st Place for Le grand guignol (games done in more than 4 hours): The Good Ghost, by Sarah Willson, Kirk Damato

Congratulations to all the participants, and to the winners!!!

It still amazes me how much you like to make games VERY QUICKLY in this community!

Kind regards :wink:


Congratulations to everyone! This was such a fun comp and there were so many great entries!


Congrats on that 3 place!

Remember you can still use the #ECTOCOMP2022 hashtag in social networks. Please, everybody, brag about your games and talk about your favorites online. I will catch an eye and retoot/retwit those who do.

Also, if you use the hashtag #InteractiveFiction at Mastodon, every user subscribed to the hashtag will see and can interact with your toot.



Thank you :green_heart:
And thank you for organising it!


Congrats to the winners, and congrats to everyone who entered! This was a super strong year and I was blown away by the sheer quality and quantity of the entries. See you all next October!


Hooray! Congrats to @malacostraca and Kirk Damato (does he have a handle here?). The Good Ghost reduced everyone in our house to weepy mush-- a beautiful, sweet story, lovingly told, and one everyone should play right away.

And congrats to @Draconis , whose Petite Mort game The Enigma of the Old Manor House not only won that division, but placed 4th over all, which is an absolutely insane achievement.

And congrats to everyone who had the oomph to write a game and put it in a comp, and to everyone who played and rated and supported those games. It’s a true pleasure to watch this community do its thing.

** Edit: And I can’t believe I forgot to thank @Ruber_Eaglenest , whose hard work makes so much fun possible for everyone else.


Congrats to everyone! When I saw Buggy had the most ratings I was convinced it could be the winner, but 7th place is actually pretty great, especially since I really enjoyed all the games that placed above me. Especially ‘Enigma’, I’m shocked out how well-made that game is for four hours! The puzzles are clever and ones I’ll keep in mind in the future when designing parser games.

And congrats to the Grand Guignol games which were IFComp-level threats for me. Very enjoyable!


Oh…wow! I was not prepared for this. Thank you! It really means a lot to see how The Good Ghost has resonated with people. We just wanted to make a feel-good game that would put people in a hopeful mindset and maybe also make my dad cry, and I guess we did what we set out to do.

Thank you @Ruber_Eaglenest for orchestrating the comp, and thanks to everyone who took the time to play and rate and review all our games! 678 ratings is incredible. And thanks to the other authors, who created so many amazing entries. It has been a joy and an honor to be part of ECTOCOMP alongside all of you!


I have to say, it kind of delights me to have scored an average of 4.000 points exactly. Round numbers!

In fact, the top three Grand Guignol entries are immediately followed by the top three Petite Mort entries in the overall ranking! Which also delights the part of my brain that loves when things line up neatly.

Anyway, congrats to everyone! This was a really strong year for Ectocomp, I thought – lots of great games!


For my first comp [especially that I entered entirely for fun], I’m happy with 8th for Le Grand Guignol. Just glad I got to play so many cool games this time around! Lots of inspiration to be gathered from all of these entries in terms of form and theme.

Congrats to everyone! :squid: Much love.


Right? It’s pretty staggering what some people were able to do in only 4 hours. It really sets the bar high and gives me something to work towards.

And congrats on Something Blue’s performance. Can we hope to see an expanded postcomp version?


A warm congratulations to all participants! It was a lot of festive fun. Thrilled I managed to drag my friend Kat into the shenanigans. I find it kind of really charming how MARTYR ME and origin of love are all snuggled up together in the ranking, as well as having been compared to one another in a handful of reviews.


You dragged me in to crack my knuckles and write cults. Again. You can’t keep getting away with this!


Au contraire, dearest little meowmeow- I can and I will!

Alt Text

Two small orange kittens are on a red blanket. The left kitten is kissing the right one on the forehead, paw pressed to its cheek.


Its been so long since I had released anything, I just popped into the competition on a whim. Thanks for holding it and thanks everyone who gave feedback for You’re In Deep!


Oh wow! I did not actually expect this—Enigma is the only thing I’ve actually released since Scroll Thief and I was worried I’d be too out of touch with the modern state of affairs.

Thank you so much everyone!


This is great. I had a wonderful time writing Nightmares Within Nightmares, I appreciated the encouragement to write horror and the time constraint made it even better. Thanks so much.

I also loved the other entries, especially Throw Maria Overboard and…well, I wouldn’t say I loved Martyr Me, but it was definitely horrific.


Thank you! And congrats to you as well – I loved The Spectators, and I’m glad to see most other players did too!

I am indeed planning an expanded post-comp version of Something Blue (with hopefully improved/easier-to-grasp mechanics, also), but it may take me a while, because I’m very distractible when I don’t have a deadline hanging over me.


I now have a different very important question: what’s the etiquette for copying reviews from this forum to IFDB? Should I edit the page to add an “Off-Site Reviews” link, or copy-paste my thoughts into “Member Reviews”, or something else?

This is also my first time actually reviewing for a competition, and I’d like to keep those available for posterity.


Really? I would have given a lot for another hour or two and felt absolutely punished by the time limit. Why was it so effective for you?