Easy Headings in ZILF

So far, ZILF has been good to me. I had a lot of trouble with adding chapter headings in Inform 7 akin to games like Textfyre’s “Shadows in the Cathedral…” Headings for ZIL scripting is rather simple, during the Main process block of the project file. in the GO routine block, basically add a TELL instruction of the header before the placement of the player of the beginning location… I would do this after the line of the routine block… And not in the portion that is a part of the template ZIL empty file, due that that function is of course part of the V-VERSION/version/ver routine. This will cause the heading to be always a read out of the version when commanded to manifest… That would not do, we only want it read once, if anything we can also use a GLOBAL to do a chapter counter and store it into the file that way. The sky’s the limit with this bad boy. Yes I know it’s not as advanced as Inform, but it at least what I want out of the box! For other ways of headings, just add it to an ACTION event routine in such a way that the story changes from the original pace, such as moving the character to the foreboding castle or to the star destroyer hell bent on our extinction, yada yada…

[code]; Opening game headings…



<TELL “CHAPTER 1 (or whatever…)” CR CR>