Duck! Me? - An old-fashioned 1980's style text adventure

I had a go at writing a text adventure using Inform6/PunyInform (Coming soon - Duck! Me?). The .Z3 file is linked at the bottom of the page. Originally I wrote this in 6502 assembly for the BBC Master 128 before deciding to port to PunyInform and extend it a bit.

Please note the description in the topic title, this isn’t modern IF, it’s an old-fashioned puzzle game with a wafer-thin plot and dated concepts like darkness, And, yes, there are a couple of things you can do to make the game unwinnable, although I’ve tried to make these somewhat obvious. Because of this I’m not expecting a lot of interest here, but I’m happy to receive constructive feedback should this appeal to anyone.

Technically still a beta, but it is playable. See the link on the page to StarDot for some history/discussion.

It’s not a huge game, my non-optimal walkthrough is ~330 moves.

And, yes, the premise is a bit silly.



Long live the puzzly text adventure…


And long live the peculiar medical condition doctors have come to diagnose as APRA (adventurePC-related amnesia).

The treatment seems to consist of encouraging the patient to wander aimlessly through abandoned hallways or tunnels and to engage in unmotivated theft of everything lying around.

(I just read the intro…)

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Reminds so popular Zork series.:slight_smile:

Just a quick heads up should anyone actually want to play this game, the web site linked in the top post no longer exists, but you can still download the latest beta from the StarDot forum. It’s in the .ZIP file linked to the top post and you don’t need to sign up for an account. There have been no changes to the game since my original post here.



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