Does anyone know of a repository of game transcripts?

I’m looking for a large collection of IF transcripts, if such a thing exists. Failing that, smaller ones, or even individual transcripts that happen to be reasonably lengthy. It’s been years since I was active in IF and I have no idea where to look, so any help would be appreciated.


The largest collection of transcripts I know of is from ClubFloyd. The transcripts there don’t precisely represent typical examples of IF play – ClubFloyd is a collaborative-play event, and Floyd is a little unusual as interpreters go – but it’s been playing games more-or-less weekly since 2007, so there are lot of transcripts there.

(ClubFloyd transcripts, for what it’s worth, do not form an entirely representative sample of modern IF; it tends to avoid the very largest games, for instance, and to focus on games released in recent minicomps or that were authored by attendees.)

This is passing strange. I was just logging in to ask almost the same question, but I was going to ask about walkthroughs. I.e. I’m just interested in seeing a corpus of player commands, not necessarily the responses. Ideally in the same format - just one command per line in a text file, for example.

Maybe somebody here happens to already have a collection like that? Or if not, would somebody like to have it if I make one?

Edit: There are loads of walkthroughs at

I have a bunch of twenty or so transcripts from various 2010 comp games online at

The lengths will vary from a few minutes of play up to a couple of hours or more. They are all my own playthroughs, so it’s only one person’s playing style.

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