dMagnetic- A Magnetic Scrolls Interpreter

I just uploaded version 0.02 to my website. It is easier to read the texts, the low ansi renderer was improved, and i started working on the documentation.

Version 0.03 is out. Now it is possible to play through “Jinxter”.

And with release 0.05, you can play through “Corruption”. :slight_smile:

AAAAAAAND welcome to release 0.06. you will be able to finish WONDERLAND.


There was a small Bug. I fixed it, now it is possible to play through “Myth” as well.
Release 0.07 allows you to play all Magnetic Scrolls Adventures.

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Version 0.08: I finally managed to include graphics from “Corruption” and “Wonderland”.

Release 0.09 comes with initial support for GLK.

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And version 0.10. Enjoy!

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Version 0.11 now.

Forget Version 0.11. Version 0.12 looks much better.

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Version 0.14.

If you can read this, you do not need glasses :slight_smile:


Version 0.16 is out! This one is printing out the text properly aligned. (left/block/right)
Reading it is less distracting, and more fun!

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Version 0.17 is out, and it saw improvements with the low ansi renderer. Just look at Mr. Peckham, enjoying his cigar.


This is really cool - writing a replay to remind myself to check this out tonight. Congrats on all this!

Thank you. Hopefully you’re going to have as much fun playing it as I had writing it. :slight_smile:

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In the original text, it says he’s wearing a hat, which is not in the picture. When we remastered it, the text was adjusted.

Hahaha. You are indeed correct!


The teller takes one look at the card and leaves her position behind the till.
A few moments later a short fat man with a cigar and top hat (he must be a capitalist) comes up to you, introduces himself as Mr Peckham and, taking you by the arm, leads you into his office.

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So. Release 0.18 is out.

dMagnetic has been part of the latest OpenBSD 6.6 release, the latest FreeBSD, and now there is a Gentoo ebuild out as well. :smiley:

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With a little patch, it is possible to run dMagnetic on ancient SGI machines :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I tried to build it manually but encountered some issue - would you be interested in feedback on what I encountered? (Or - are there binaries available to download?)