Discoverer's Digest Source Repository Online

Here’s the source for the Discovere’s Digest. I created the magazine with LaTeX. It is compiled with XeLaTeX.

I’m releasing the source under the GPL v2.


As noted in another thread, Cooper Stevenson passed away recently. Let's not forget cstevens

I’ve cloned the magazine repositories into IFTF’s account, in case his gitlab account is shut down.

The “IFTF Adoptable Technology” project was set up to preserve abandoned IF source code in case anybody might want to take over support. We haven’t wound up using it until today. A magazine is not an IF interpreter or compiler, but it feels appropriate to put it there. Since the magazine content and layout are GPL licensed, someone could revive Discover’s Digest in the future. Even if not, we’ll hold onto this copy.

(Again, the issues of the magazine itself are at .)