Let's not forget cstevens

@cstevens was active here a few months ago, but then stopped posting. He had previously mentioned having ALS:

while my mind is fine my body can no longer do what is necessary. I am almost completely bed bound…my hands are now going making it difficult to type.

Perhaps he is still reading the forum. If so: Cooper, we remember you.


Cooper posted this on the Linux subreddit about a month ago:

Goodbye With Love

I, Cooper Stevenson, have ALS and will die in the coming days. I want to tell you as the Open Source community that I love you and what you stand for.

I hope I did my part and I love you all.

Fair Winds,

Cooper Stevenson

It appears that he passed away shortly thereafter. (It seems as though he chose to avail himself of Oregon’s Death with Dignity law.)

I’m sorry that we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to him properly. The previous page links to a gofundme page for him and his widow. (Obligatory disclaimer about gofundmes: I haven’t verified this myself.)