Descriptive text for cover art

In another thread, Neil wrote: (Are static objects REALLY that important - #34 by Neil)

I missed this in the originally discussion. Good idea.

Should this go in the iFiction file, or as a Blorb chunk? The iFiction file makes more sense to me, but I wanted to ask.

Yes, I’d put it in the iFiction metadata.

The current tag is defined like


So I guess add a fourth field, , defined as a brief textual description of the cover art. This will be optional (so as not to invalidate all the existing ifiction files) but recommended.


Sounds good.

If this will be implemented, will the ifiction standard be updated? If so, how can I stay on top of such developments?

Watch for threads like this, I guess.

I have now added this to the web site:

The update is to section 5.9 of the Babel document.

And, to reiterate what I said in a different post, you can stay on top of discussions like this on this mailing list: . (But I don’t expect a lot of discussions like this.)

much better than what I pictured. given the original request, I thought something like “Big giant title in stylized white font over a dark blueish forest background with a B&W teenage emo girl holding a red apple upfront.”

That would be a legitimate entry. I’m not in the business of specifying the prose style of the tag, just what it’s for.