Babel IF discussion list

In the “cover art” thread ( someone asked:

This is a good question. I’ve created a mailing list:

Posts are publicly viewable but only list members can post.

This mailing list is for discussion of the Babel IF Treaty ( and related issues. The Babel agreement has been very stable over time, so this should be a low-traffic list. But every few years, an issue comes up.

The Babel Agreement is basically about metadata for interactive fiction. You should be on this list (or keep an eye on it) if you maintain an IF development system (which packages games with metadata), or an IF service site (IFDB, the Archive) which collates metadata, or an IF interpreter which parses and displays metadata.

(The last time a Babel-related question came up in my email records was 2011. So I really don’t expect a lot of traffic.)

Great, I subscribed. I want to be on top of any changes for pyifbabel. Thanks for setting it up!