Describe a recurring dream

When I think back to my childhood, I come up upon a dream I used to have. Not once. No, often. I had that dream many times.

I would like to explain it. Maybe IF can make a space for it.

How to fit it all in, though?


Sounds great. I am actually having a nightmare over and over right now, but more Delicatessen(a great movie) nightmare style. Just madness. Infocom’s Sorcerer had something like that, but it was a never ending cycle.


I love Delicatessen. My Mother-in-law refuses to play it to her cinema group, despite the fact that I bought it for her twice for Christmas.


Funny you mention this. I’m basing my Spring Thing game on a recurring nightmare. Might as well make everyone else’s problem, too, I figure.


It wasn’t my intention to point to movies, but Julie Taymor smashed it out of the park when it came to ancient warlike, murderous intrigue…