Defining With Tables Inform 7 bugs (10.1.2)

I’m using what I think is the latest version of the Windows IDE from 2022 (, and it has two presumably related bugs with defining things with tables. Firstly, defining ‘kinds of things’ doesn’t work, as has been noted before- an issue that was apparently fixed. More problematic for me is that while you can create items with tables, setting their properties with tables no longer works:

Test is a room.

A bodypart is a kind of thing. Some bodyparts in Test are defined by the Table of Bits.

Table of Bits
name	description
head	"Just a head."
leg	"Hop to!"
arm	"One of a pair."

Results in:

You can see head, leg and arm here.

x leg
You see nothing special about leg.

This also means the “Tour des Maillots” example in the documentation is non-functional.

  1. Should the existing bug be reopened? Or is it just because the Windows version is a bit out-dated? I’m not sure I understand how the different versions fit together
  2. I guess I don’t have to define stuff with tables, but when you have a lot of items with multiple unique properties (as in Tour des Maillots), it saves a lot of typing if you can just fill out a field in a table… is there a workaround? Other elegant ways to do this sort of thing?

This is already there as I7-2351.

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You have the latest version of the Windows release, 10.1.2, from 30th August 2022. The fact that a bug is listed as fixed in the bug database doesn’t mean it’s fixed in a released version, in this case the bug was fixed in 2023, so after 10.1.2 was released, and the fix will be in the next release.


Thanks, I figured that was probably the case. And also thanks for your very fine work on the IDE.