Defining kinds with tables no longer working?

As mentioned at the bottom of §16.16. Defining things with tables, you should be able to define kinds of things by using “Some kinds of whatever are defined by the Table of Stuff” in place of “Some whatevers are defined by the Table of Stuff.” It says to “See the worked example ‘Reliques of Tolti-Aph’…”, which seems to show that you must use “name” as the header of the first column. Okay, great. But doing so gives an error that “you can only use ‘defined by’ to set up values and things”. Not sure if I’m running afoul of a bug, if the feature was removed without updating the manual, or if I’m just stupid and missing something. Here’s the snippet I’m using:

A bodypart is a kind of thing. Some kinds of bodypart are defined by the Table of Bits.

Table of Bits
name	description
head	"Just a head."
leg	        "Hop to!"
arm	         "One of a pair."

In my test story, the error seems to be caused by “Some kinds of bodyparts.” The below phrasing compiles. Does it do what you need?

A bodypart is a kind of thing. Some bodyparts are defined by the Table of Bits.

@kamineko I think that’s the issue – head is supposed to be a kind of bodypart (presumably multiple characters will have them), rather than just one specific object.

Your code compiles for me in 6M62, but gives the error you report in 10.1.2, so yeah, looks like something got messed up along the way. Tagging in @Zed to see whether this bug has already been reported?

what, you think you can just tag me and 5 minutes later I’ll just say something like “yes, it’s I7-2242?”.

Well, I guess so, so there.


You know, I had to step away from the computer for a couple minutes to do some chores, and as I was taking out the trash it occurred to me, you know, it was maybe a little presumptive to just tag Zed in in that peremptory fashion, maybe I should go back and edit my post to add like a preemptive thank you or look up some of the other folks who’ve been doing the bug-tracking or, heavens forfend, actually figure out what a Jira is. So thanks for saving me from having to do any of that :slight_smile:


Well, poo. :pensive: I hope this bug gets squashed soon.
@kamineko As @DeusIrae pointed out, what you suggest will make exactly one of each bodypart, which causes all people except the last one created to lose all of their bodyparts. In my initial setup, I was horrified when Clara was created and stole Eve’s head! :rofl:
Thanks for the help, everyone!