Craverly Heights: Inform 7 and Dialog side by side

Ryan Veeder has kindly allowed me to port his game Craverly Heights to Dialog, and show the two implementations side by side:

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to compare and contrast two IF programming languages while simultaneously enjoying the brilliance of Ryan’s writing!

In addition, this serves as an example of what the Dialog source code of a complete, small game can look like.


That was a wonderful read! Thank you to you and Mr. Veeder for this! I definitely learned a few things.



As is all of your work.

Thank you.

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This is absolutely fantastic! Recently I’ve been thinking about the development of Inform 7 and Dialog, possibly using both together in some classes I conduct. (Personally, I see Dialog as an interesting “different path” that gives Inform 7 some viable friendly competition for thought space.)

One of my upcoming classes will be focused on showcasing different modes of expression for providing narrative via interactive fiction. I literally could not ask for a better example to help me think about that class than this!

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