Suggestions for blog platform?

This comment on ZIL

made me think. I could convert/write a game, documenting the progress in a series of blogs. I don’t promise anything or that I’ll do it, but first things first.

  1. Is there some suggestions for a free, good, simple blog platform. Any suggestions?
  2. Suggestions for a relativly small game to convert (not Cloak of Darkness)?

I hear Anchorhead is quite nice.

Edit: for real, maybe Glowgrass (TADS2) or Molly and the Butter Thieves (Inform7)?

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I think it would be easier to convert the game if you have access to the source code. Currently I’m thinking about something like an old text adventure from the early 80s, Pyramid by Rodger Olsen. It’s not a very good game but have some sentimental value to because it was one of the earliest adventures I played and I’m familiar with the original BASIC-code (I modified the TRS80 BASIC to C64 BASIC a couple of years back).

Edit: Anchorhead is a great suggestion by the way!

Edit 2: Curses! would also be great, with the source code missing and all. But it is a bit big for a first attempt and the conversion should really be done in Inform6/7 for this timeless classic.

With this sales pitch for Pyramid (from a 1983 Aardvark catalog), who could resist it?


The go-to these days would probably be Only real downside is you can’t upload arbitrary files, so any example code would probably have to live on GitHub or something like that

GitHub Pages is also an option if you’re content with static content only (e.g., no comments).

(Edit: and when converting a game, it’s probably best to pick something relatively recent whose author is still around to give consent, or use something that’s under an open-source license to begin with.)


Medium or Wordpress seems to be the easiest/most popular alternatives. (Conclusion reached with a quick Google search.)

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You’d obviously need to ask Ryan Veeder for permission, but Craverly Heights might be a good option. It has already been ported to Dialog and it would be nice to have a three way comparison between ZIL, Inform 7 and Dialog. :slight_smile:


Great suggestion!


I believe we did this and he gave an on-brand quirksponse so it’s fine.

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Translation and context?

“quirksponse” is my portmanteau for “quirky response.”

As in:

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As long as it is IF related, any chance of doing it here right on the forum? Maybe create a new category General - Tutorial followed by relevant tag: inform, zil, dialog, etc?

You’d still need outside resources such as blog and github, but at least put the main lessons here, with links outside for support materials.

Is that a good idea that should be pursued?

Edit: I mean, we already have Education category, but somehow that doesn’t look like Tutorial to me.

Edit: for example, a neat little trick to have println stuff routine in Inform6.

Gareth Rees’s Through the Looking Glass has always been my go-to for testing out the different IF engines that I cobble together. It’s fairly short but it’s also pretty complex and it hits all of the important areas.


I’d recommend either (like except it’s free, has more features, but less is done for you), or Google’s Blogger, which is very simple indeed, and also free.

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I’ll second Blogger - especially because you can just sign into it with your gmail credentials if you have them. I also use a free WIX website and it has hooks to embed a blog from Blogger which seems to work seamlessly. (Don’t laugh, I haven’t blogged in forever…)

It could certainly go here, although about 75% of our content is already tutorials so we may not need a special category. It could go under Authoring and the system or “Other Development Systems” with a tag.