Counterfeit Monkey

There are, indeed, special bullets for the anagram gun somewhere.

How might the Bureau have hidden such useful, yet dangerous things?

The bullets themselves have been anagrammed for safekeeping, and are nearby.

You’ll need to use the gel to turn them back.

The lamb granulates are the thing in question.

Ha, I knew those sounded suspicious. Thanks again!

Edit: doh, didn’t see this had already been answered. Never mind!

Several objects are available to deal with this problem.

Unless you’re in hard mode, you might want to try examining the palm trees in Roget Close.

Another option is to visit the farmer’s stall in Hesychius Street and buy an appropriate vegetable from him.

And there’s another item that you definitely already have with you if you’ve come from the hostel, though you will have to have changed it a bit first.

To sum up, three options are: GUM/MUG, YAM/MAY, and PLANS -> PANS/SNAP or PLANS -> PANS -> PAN / NAP.

Help needed, midway in…

Need help in masking the sound in the lab… I have the keycard and thus use of the synth, but haven’t found a way to mask sound… not quite sure if i need to drown out the sound ill make with a larger sound or actually cushion the sound ill be making when I go through the door…

edit, got it:

never would have though a peal would help… also got the quagmire achievement while being stuck, so purdy good


You need something that makes noise.

The item you need is in the general vicinity (i.e. the areas south of Long Street)

You will, of course, need to use your letter-remover.


w-remove the wrap, which you can get from the babel cafe, to get a “rap”

Edit: dayeight - how do you get that one? I don’t think I ever came across that item.

You R-remove the pearl.

And now I’m flummoxed at the next spot, just let me know if this is the right idea

I need a password, assuming I have the word from the crossword and need to find a pass to make a password in the synth? if not, gentle hint, if so… gentle hint on where to find something i can make into a pass?


Yep, you need a pass to synthesize. You should already have the item you need already, actually - check your inventory for things you might not remember picking up.

Any chance I could get some help inside Samuel Johnson Hall?

I’m looking to get some paper so that I can see what is being printed. Unfortunately, all my looking around hasn’t yielded much. Any help?


[spoiler]I’ve actually cut and paste my inventory into an editor and searched, but nada (i was trying to hack the secretary’s computer earlier) Here’s my inventory, is it staring me in the face or did i miss it somewhere? the kudzu still makes me wonder…

a ring (which opens the sturdy iron gate)
a clock
a stickball
some gum
a screwdriver
a rusty nail
an army
a gimlet
some baklava
a crumpled cocktail napkin
a shrimp tail
a leer
Guidebook to Anglophone Atlantis
a heel
a map of Slangovia
an oat
a funnel
a sin
a lie
a silver platter
a keycard (which opens the small door)
a bandana (being worn)
a hairpiece (being worn)
a pit
a sword
a cross
a wrap (being worn)
a pot of yogurt
a pair of Britishizing goggles
a jigsaw
a shopping bag
some members
a rash
two inks
a shred
a wig
a poppy
a shuttle
a stuffed octopus
a pastis
some ale
a pill
a monocle
a May
some asparagus
some toes
a ticket
a jotter
your X-remover (upgraded to handle abstracts)
a backpack (open)
a roll
some Origin Paste
a tub (open)
some restoration gel
a flash drive
some plan[/spoiler]

Use this item:


Answer is here; not sure how else to hint at it without giving it away:

pastis => pasts => pass


Have you explored the whole hall? Hints following:

  1. Collect all the items at the university. Including Inside things.

  2. Like inside a fridge

  3. [spoiler]There’s some cream in the student lounge fridge/spoiler]

4 cream can be made into ream

It is closely related to understanding by explaining. I did that a lot at highschool - just starting to explain some math of physics to another student, in the (virtually always justified) conviction that I would understand any piece by the time I got to formulate it.

*** We have left existence behind ***
What hapens now, I am a Graduate Student! What does this mean? Did I lose the game?

Okay, one more. I’m at what seems like it must be nearing the end, namely the boss battle with Atlantida.
Here’s my thought process so far:She won’t let me gel her by hand, she doesn’t anagram, and I don’t think there’s a letter I can remove from her. I can tell from looking through the monocle at her that she’s originally an “atlantida,” lowercase. So if there were some sort of miniscule-making device, that would work, but I have no idea what exactly it would be called, which makes it hard to think of how to fabricate it. I haven’t used the homophone-swap power of the dais in a productive way yet, so I feel like that the answer should lie there. Since this is a generally-kind game, I think I should be able to find the necessary items to solve this within the Bureau basement rooms. I’ve tried fiddling with variations on the things Alex won’t let me leave behind – I got so excited at the idea of producing a manacle from the monocle, until I realized I’d actually get a munucli, and I thought maybe I had to turn the remover to a specific letter and anagram it, but all I can get out of that is “moreover,” “evermore,” and “removers” – and the things in Atlantida’s chambers. I’ve tried incapacitating her with the sword, the stick, and the sill, but she is very quick. The rump stabber seems more interested in me than her.

What made my decision to ask for a hint here was the realization that the game had, in fact, printed a refusal to let me leave the roundabout without the restoration gel rifle (in the handcuffed-teens scene) in an earlier playthrough of that scene, that I’d somehow circumvented in a later one. So it might be possible that I was supposed to have the gel rifle all along? I’ve been doing the magpie thing for most other items, but I thought stealing the rifle would get me arrested.

You can probably tell that patiently mulling over tricky puzzles is not really my forte – I usually would have given up long before now. It’s a testament to Emily’s storytelling ability that I’ve just gotta finish this one.

If she’s too quick for you, maybe you need a missile weapon.

The anagram gun won’t do anything to Atlantida by herself. But it can make her less dangerous.

This is an old trope in Westerns.

Disarm her with the anagram gun by shooting her restoration gel rifle. You can probably work it out from there.

The third hint was perfect! Thanks.

Is anyone else playing Hard Mode? I can’t figure out how to (university section spoilers)…

[spoiler]…make something noisy to mask my noise so I can get the living-things upgrade.

Neither the pearl nor the wrap are available, so I can’t use the solution I used on normal mode or the one posted above.[/spoiler]

There are lots and lots of noisy things!

But all the ones I know about require use of either the synthesizer, an abstract-upgraded letter-remover or the homonym paddle (or some combination thereof).

One of those solutions (homonyming the puzzle-jigsaw into a power-tool jigsaw, then turning it on) is bugged at the moment, though. The simplest one I can remember involves use of the synthesizer and requires abstracts.

It’s a single word, with six letters. To make it you’ll need one four-letter word and one two-letter one.

The two-letter word is a product of the chard.

That is to say, AD.