Counterfeit Monkey has fun achievements

Y’all might have seen that I recently published Counterfeit Monkey Invisiclues, including hints for Hard Mode and Counterfeit Monkey’s achievements.

If you’ve beaten the game once, you may be vaguely aware that the game has achievements, but I bet you don’t know what they all are.

The game itself doesn’t seem to provide a list of all available achievements, which is too bad, because there are a bunch of fun puzzles there. (I’ve filed that as a feature request on the Counterfeit Monkey github.)

Meanwhile, if you’ve beaten Counterfeit Monkey before, I think you’ll really enjoy reading the list of achievements and figuring out how to achieve them yourself. Most of them are pretty fair, and hey, for the ones that are a bit too hard, just use my Invisiclues!

Some of these achievements are so fun and zany that I think most people would enjoy just spoiling their way through them.

Here’s the achievement list. IMO, you should feel free to skim through them even if you’ve never even played the game.

Admiral Thoureaux award for removing every letter of the alphabet in one playthrough
Alex Rosehip award for completing the game in easy mode
Amanda Waterstone award for discovering cultic passages
Andra award for completing the game in hard mode
Camilla Downdweller award for creating five types of fish in one playthrough
Finished tutorial mode
Finn Rosehip award for gnu-hunting
Horace Fingerstain award for jotting some notes
Igor Rosehip award for creating at least five body parts in one playthrough
Jocasta Higgate award for reconstructing pagan worship on the island
Lester Parsons Award for discovering unspecified local rites
Lord Michael Rosehip award for showing the black spot to a pirate crew
Lucius Quagmire award for viewing unusual films
Mort Shaply award for showing Poe a raven-based foodstuff
Priscilla Parsons award for winning the game without ever entering the church
Propper Rosehip award for talespinning
Reverend Plaice award for placing the cross on the altar while liturgically dressed
Roman ‘Sticky’ Fingerstain Award for impromptu art theft