Cosmetic bug in PunyInform 4.1 & 4.3


In my game (Duck! Me?, yes still flogging that particular dead horse) I have a table (supporter, enterable) on which is a bell jar (container, transparent) which in turn contains a head of celery.

In v4.0, this is shown in the room display as follows and as I’d expect.

You can also see a table (on which is a bell jar (which is closed) (which contains a head of celery)) here.

When I switch to v4.3 (or v4.1 as a test), the display adds a spurious “is”.

You can also see a table (on which is a bell jar (which is closed) (which contains is a head of celery)) here.

If I change the table to be a container (which makes no sense in the game), it reverts to the expected output, without the “is”.

I did compare the source code for this between v4.0 and v4.1 but it seems to have been substantially changed and I couldn’t see an obvious error, although it was getting quite late by then.


N.B. I didn’t try v4.2, I skipped that version.


Thanks! Yeah, PrintContents got a major overhaul to support listing similar items together. This error must have appeared then.

PM or reporting an issue on github may be preferrable for bug reports, in the future. I’m on this though.

Thanks again!


Thank you. I’ll try to remember to PM if I ever find another bug.



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I’ve just tested the fix and confirm it works. Now I just need to find the energy to make my game good enough for a second release.