Constant for the prompt string

The prompt string "> " could be a constant, which would make it possible to remove the space between the prompt character and the input, as seems to be the case for Infocom games.


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As it turns out, it is. Do this to skip the space:

Constant MSG_PROMPT 1000;

[ LibraryMessages msg p1 p2;
  switch(msg) {
		print ">";
  p1 = p2;

It’s funny that you should mention that. I just created a z3 version of my PunyJam entry and created an Atari 8-bit disk image. When I ran the game, there was a [MORE] prompt at the start of the game, so I pressed the spacebar. When the “> ” prompt appeared, I thought the spacebar had been registered as a key stroke, so pressed backspace, then entered a command, only to be told that it wasn’t understood. It turns out that the backspace was entered as the first character in the string. Don’t ask me why.

With monospaced bitmap fonts, this character space seems unusual.