Considerate Holdall by Jon Ingold

The 2015 edition of my Handbook mentions the extension Considerate Holdall by Jon Ingold, but also says it wasn’t working with 6L38 (or whatever the number was). It seems a useful idea – to allow the author to prevent certain things, such as perhaps a lighted torch or a plate of cookies, from being shuffled automatically into the holdall. I’d like to tell readers how to do that, but in poking around online I’m unable even to find a copy of Considerate Holdall.

Does anybody have one? I don’t mean a working copy. I can have a go at editing it. It would save me some time to see how he set it up, that’s all.


Never mind – I’ve got a copy.

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Spindraft posted a revised version to the forum back in 2015; I think it was adapted to work with 6L38. The thread is here.


Thanks. There were a couple of typos in it, but even when I fix those it doesn’t work. It refers to an “inline implicit library option,” which doesn’t seem to exist in the current Standard Rules. When I comment out those tests, it works, but the output is ugly, and making an item unstashable doesn’t seem to stop it from being stashed.

I’m going to try doing it a different way.

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I will take this opportunity to note for general public consumption that the answer to where to find an Inform 7 extension is almost always: The Friends of I7 Extensions or Extensions Archive repos on github:

Two things may not be obvious: the first three of those are different branches of the same repo. The default view if you go to is 10.1. You have to go to the button for the branch pulldown menu in the upper left to switch to 9.3 or to “master” for the miscellaneous ones. And the archive is a separate repo altogether at

For 10.1 and 9.3, a list of the extensions and their descriptions can be had at for 10.1 and These include the extensions’ descriptions and make for easier browsing, but this is still manually updated and may not be up to the minute in reflecting the repos’ real contents.


I must point that the proper IF repo, that is,, is seriously out-of date in the I7 department. My suggestion for the …/extension sub-dir is a set of sub-dirs, one for inform 10.1, one for 9.3/6M62, and so on, and the contents of those sub-directory being the version(s) guarenteed, if possible to run with said i7 version (basically, the content of Friends of I7 Extensions for inform 7 10.1 into …/extensions/10.1 (optionally, linked to /extensions/current) and so on for 9.3 and earlier.

Seems to me a reasonable and rational storing of i7 extensions in the if-archive, if Zarf agrees, I think can be done quickly.

it’s a good idea or not ?

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dott. Piergiorgio.