Where to find Inform 7 Extensions

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Here are the main places to find Inform 7 extensions, and what kinds of extensions you’ll find there.

Note: If you are new to Inform and looking for an extension, please save yourself some frustration and check the Public Library first.

Inform 7 Public Library (found in the Inform IDE and at http://www.emshort.com/pl/payloads/):

  • Stable, tested versions of extensions compatible with the latest build of Inform.

Friends of I7 at Github:

  • In-progress, permanently unfinished, undocumented, and/or experimental extensions.

  • Versions of Public Library extensions that are being updated but may not be stable or tested.

  • Extensions that the author has finished but decided not to add to the public library for some reason (e.g. the author doesn’t want to maintain the extension).

Inform7.com web site: (To my knowledge, most of the extensions here are not compatible with the current build of Inform.)

  • Old versions of extensions that are compatible with old builds of Inform.

  • Various extensions that do not meet the criteria to be included in the Public Library.

(I thought there might be a post like this already, but didn’t find one. I know we get confusion from time to time with new people trying unsuccessfully to use old extensions from the Inform 7 website. Please let me know if any of my info above is inaccurate.)


IF Resource Links

Probably should remove the Heroku site, I’m not really maintaining it anymore, and no one’s updated anything there for years.


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(You are correct about /pl/payloads, that’s where the IDE pulls its extensions from. So if you want to check some extension documentation but don’t have I7 with you, go there and you’ll find the same version you’d get in the IDE itself.)


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Ok, thank you.