Concept Box Art (for real or concept games!)

Thought i’d share some concept box art that I put together using (don’t laugh!) PSP 9 … Yes, I am retro in all ways. :slight_smile:

First up… I’m very slowly and very carefully working my way through Stu Galley’s “Restaurant/Milliways” demo from back in '88. I know “By Stu Galley & Adam Sommerfield” is a tad egotistical but again it’s just concept art; so please don’t flame me! :slight_smile:


Next up… Five Nights at Jeffs… The likely never-to-be-released fan game inspired by the “Into the Pit” novel, Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, by Scott Cawthon. I say “likely never-to-be-released” so as to keep my feet on the ground. :slight_smile:


Feel free to share your concept box art also!


Adam :smiley: :+1:

Hey, those boxes are pretty cool! I’m not sure they would want restau-rant hyphenated (unless you do mean “rant”!). Of course, the word is a bit long to typeset in the space. But there might be other ways.

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You’d think. However, that’s the cover art on one of the recent (awful) editions…


Haha, well I was just about to bring this up in my defence! :smiley: Now I can’t take my eyes off the word “rant” :smiley:

I’d use the TV series restaurant logo, myself, I think…


Thank you :smiley::+1:

It could be a smiley. As in REST ^u- RANT. But RESTAURANT does make more sense. <(^u^)> <(-u-)> <(0u0)>

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(I’m still staggered at how absolutely awful that book jacket is. Someone got paid for that)


Not sure I should confess this… But I actually quite like it! :sweat_smile:

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Let’s keep that version of the greenguy and redo the rest. Graphics from the TV series look nice.

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For Ectocomp I was planning a parody of the Leonard Nimoy-narrated Dreamcast game “Seaman,” but with pumpkins. I didn’t get very far but I made the logo.

I’m very slowly and very carefully working my way through Stu Galley’s “Restaurant/Milliways”

I had no idea that existed.


I created this box cover for Scott Adams Adventures #15: Monster Swamp last year for fun. The image is from the cover of Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #49 (1973), and the artist is George Wilson, a prolific cover illustrator. He painted hundreds of covers for the Dell Comics and Gold Key brands of Western Publishing from the 1950s through the 1970s.

While creating the cover in Photoshop, an idea for the game slowly formed in my mind. If I had permission to use this artwork, I’d make it!


I love it. Maybe if you changed the Scott Adams references to J J Guest, changed the copyright date, Adventure International logo and adventure number, you could use it. I’m not sure about the George Wilson artwork, though. How would you get permission to use that?

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Have a copy redrawn?

Not necessarily a concept art anymore but here is the box we made for Hibernated 1 Director’s Cut.

Jason Scott, who made the Infocom documentary, shared this with the Infocom folks he’s in touch with yesterday and they expressed love for the attention of detail. Amy said she’s going to have a copy and that she’s not played an IF piece in ages.


Ah wow, well done mate! That’s awesome! It’s a really nice box, the artwork is great! :+1:


Perhaps! A version of the game may emerge at some stage, but it’s not a priority for me. So many projects, so little time…


I forgot due to how much happened last year but I also shared it with the Imps i’d been in fairly regular email contact with at the time (SEM, Lebling and Blank) last year; around June time I think. They really liked it and if memory serves I think Marc B commented on your post in the ZIL group. :slight_smile: :+1:

Will you continue the art style in H2?


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