Co-Writer/Developer, Maybe?

This morning I’m thinking it might be fun to collaborate on writing a game. I did this once before (“Mrs. Pepper’s Nasty Secret,” with Eric Eve), and it worked well.

I prefer to use TADS 3 with adv3Lite, but will happily consider switching to Inform if need be. If you’ve been thinking of learning T3/adv3Lite, this could be your golden opportunity, as I’ve used it a lot. I would prefer to avoid adv3 itself, as it would require me to unlearn too much.

I’ve only written puzzle-heavy parser games, so that’s my preferred medium. I’d like to learn Twine, but I’m not convinced that branching story lines are a great concept. On the other hand, Twine can do a lovely presentation layer, and I’d like to try that. (I’m not a graphic artist, unfortunately.)

Right now I’m starting to learn Vorple. This set of extensions seems to offer enough screen effects to make a decent presentation in a web browser. So Inform/Vorple may become my first choice.

My prose tends toward a bit of length and detail. Hopefully not too much, but I’m not a “one sentence is all we need” writer.

I’d much prefer to work with someone who has completed and released at least one game. Also, someone whose schedule is not too jammed up. I’m a retired guy, so I can work on a project every day.

Almost any type of story would interest me, with one or two exceptions. I don’t like violence (including especially stat-based combat). Also, politics, religion, and erotica are not where I would prefer to dwell.

Sound intriguing? Let me know.


Hi Jim. I think it would be great to collaborate with another author.
Cards on the table, I cannot meet any of your other expectations (TADS, etc).

If you have an idea for a new story, and you don’t mind playing with new technologies, then hit me up :slightly_smiling_face:


Poking around in the forum, I get the idea that you’re using a Python library for authoring. That could be a fascinating technical challenge, but I’m not very interested in reinventing the wheel. I’ll almost certainly want to stick to Inform or TADS.


Thanks for checking me out, Jim :slightly_smiling_face: Hope you make a connect with the writing partner you need.


Hey Jim! I’ve been curious to learn TADS and I love designing puzzles. I’ve completed Erstwhile (a puzzley murder mystery) in Twine and several other Twine games. I am not very busy lately, so a new project sounds fun :slight_smile:

(eta: update for others, decided to pass on this one for now but am open for collab in future)


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