New user looking for help

Well i am also looking for writing help in story writing like for interactive ones if you are interested let me know please

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You’ll get more interest if you provide some detail of what you want to write or discuss.

Pretty much everyone who participates here writes, plays, or is somehow interested in interactive fiction. So a detail-free “wanna help me?” message won’t get much traction since there are different types of people who won’t jump in without knowing what you want or whether they can help.

If you are looking for replies and discussion or potential collaboration, please include some detail of what you want to write or discuss. What IF have you played and want to emulate? Are you looking to make a text adventure/parser story like Infocom? Are you looking to make a choice-narrative like a choose-your-own adventure or RPG game book? Do you have a plot or a project in mind?

By default everyone here is interested in IF, so the several content-slight messages you’ve posted replying to other specific topics are confusing people. This is the place to discuss interactive fiction, so either read what’s here and learn, or ask a more specific question.