Chatbot Games for Discord!

hey all! I built a game engine for multiplayer chat games in Discord.
The spec of language looks like this and is all public on github:

Also wrote a bit more about it here and you can jump in and play:

The reception has been really great - 90% of players who start the game complete it and we get rave reviews. But I’m run ragged working on this and some other projects. I’m wondering if anyone here is interested in jointly developing this?

The game engine is currently like an Escape Room game you can play with a group of friends, and the chatbot handles the outcome.

I’m doing other crypto/bitcoin projects, and if we can hook that into Discord bots for payment it could be a huge thing… but looking for others who are interested to team up!



Do I hate Discord with the power of ten thousand burning suns? Yes, I do. Do I love chatbot games? Yes, yes, I do. Would love to see an IFComp entry in this format!

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maybe you can make one with this engine and reshape discord in your own image!

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Thanks for the encouragement, but I’m afraid my coding skills are nowhere close to being good enough to parse all the info at the link.

Maybe one day! :crossed_fingers: