Chapbook Modal Text Window strategy?

Twine Version: 2.3.12
Story Format: Chapbook

I’m trying to learn Chapbook but the one thing so far I really miss is the popup windows that could be summoned in AXMA by preceding a link with an asterisk like [[*Inventory|invpassage]].

I know that the normal thing is to link to a new passage and use a back link, but this feels clunkier and I tried to make an inventory link that resides in the header, but I get stuck if the player clicks a header link twice because the {back} link in the inventory passage forgets where it needs to go.

I know Sugarcube does it, yeah, yeah. I should learn JavaScript, yeah I know…

Is there any way to replicate this feature in Chapbook - especially for use in layered menu passages - or do I just need to suppress this need to use them and figure out how to do menu-type passages another way?

I was just searching for a solution to my problem and this is my question exactly. Has anyone come up with a way to put a running inventory/status link in a header/footer? The best option I can think of is defining the header in every single passage in the story, but I’m hoping there’s a tidier way.

A possible short term work around is to use the [if] modifier combined with the lookup variable to conditionally suppress a menu item that relates to the currently shown Passage.

The following TWEE Notation based example shows how to use the {embed passage:} insert to source header content from a child Passage. and the [append] modifier to suppress the line-break between each menu item.

:: Start "{embed passage: 'Menu'}"
This is the {} passage.

:: Menu
[if !== 'Inventory']
[if !== 'Help']

:: Inventory
This is the {} passage.

:: Help
This is the {} passage.

note: whether or not the above is a “good” solution is an entirely different question. :slight_smile:

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Hey, it works! I didn’t think to try embedding a passage in the header line, but that’s exactly what I needed. Thanks so much, I really appreciate the help!

Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know that any of my solution was possible, until I tried answering your question… :slight_smile:

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